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Our combined years of experience and customer service outweigh our competition.
Honesty and fair pricing is what gives us our edge.

Tax preparation for individuals, small businesses, and large-scale corporations.

Tax preparation for previous years, as far back as 10+ years.


Tax representation for clients whose wages/assets are in danger of being seized by the IRS or the State of California.

We set up installment agreements for clients who owe money to the IRS or the State of California.

Let the Numbers Speak for Us and Our Clients

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We also provide the following services:

Accounting & Bookkeeping

We offer a full range of services from setting up a basic book-keeping system to full audits

Tax, Compliance & Payroll

We are a professional and reliable firm of tax specialists, tax advisers and payroll specialists

Growth & Funding Access

Draft and create a wide variety of corporations, such as an LLC, S-Corp, or Partnership.

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